Our Club Mission Statement is to:
* provide a safe, positive, family environment that is fair to everybody and will always adhere to the sport’s values,
* provide well organised events for all members,
* promote, grow and enjoy karting within our Club,
* be a community that works together, including the Committee, Members and Volunteers,
* to support everybody to give it your all, promote good sportsmanship and most importantly to have fun,
* to encourage and support racing to all our members, regardless of age.


Stony Creek Go Kart Race Club 2023 committee members;

President: Rohan Kaldvee
Vice President: Darren Millsom
Secretary: Tracy Fisher
Treasurer: Lindy Fox
General Committee Member: Pete Clifton

ABN: 27 765 047 183


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Want to join in on our race days?

Join our club by going to the form’s page, and filling in the Membership form.

Cost is $90 for single, and $180 for families (2 adults and children under 18 in same household)

By becoming a member you are able to compete in any or all race meetings in 2023, and receive a members sticker and stubby holder.


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to attend drivers briefing? – All drivers and parents of juniors must attend the drivers briefing to be aware the day’s proceedings and instructions.

How many sets of tyres can I use for the days event? – Each kart is only permitted one set of slicks and wet tyres for the day’s competition. Tyres will be marked before the first race and monitored each race.

When can I run wet tyres? – No kart will run wet tyres until the event has been declared wet by race control.

Why do I have to fit a tag to my engine? – Each kart will have the supplied tag fitted to an appropriate sealable head nut. Karts with restrictors will fit a second tag to exhaust manifold nuts. Tags will be fitted prior to the first race signifying a legal engine. Random inspections will occur with all competition points deducted for breaching compliance.

What should my kart weigh? – Each kart including driver and safety apparel will weigh the total as stated in the class entered on the day. The weights are published on the Stony Creek Race Club web page and posted at the scales window.

What if my kart is under weight? – If a kart weighs in under weight at the conclusion of a race the driver will be penalised.

Who can enter the out grid? – Only drivers and their pit crew may enter the out grid prior to a race start.

What do I do if I stop on the track? – If your kart stalls or if you crash out pull you kart back to the tyre wall and stand behind wall. Helmets must be worn until race has ended.